Edward Carriere

As a little girl, I remember going everywhere with my Mum.  One of these venues was an old house… where we would go upstairs, and she would get her haircut, and the odd time I got my hair cut as well.  This location isn’t just an old house, but a character home turned into a hair salon/boutique Winnipeg knows as Edward Carriere.

Now as an adult, I truly appreciate the character of this building, the fabulous hairdressers/staff, and the unique clothes and accessories they carry on their main floor boutique.  I also love the fact that they fill each room with living plants, flowers, and moss.

While visiting Winnipeg in March, I popped into Edward Carriere, where I met their extremely friendly staff, who allowed me to capture few pictures, and of course give me a haircut!  I left with a cute “Cameron Diaz”-like bob and a handful of pictures!

Finding a hairdresser is a big deal to a lot of people, and once you find the right one you’re set!  Why not try Edward Carriere, and not just receive a fantastic hair transformation- but experience a place that is friendly, trendy, and relaxing!

Check out their website for their hours & pricing! 

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