New Years Resolution

Having a hard time deciding what YOUR New Years Resolution should be?  Let me recommend a combination of past and present  resolutions that will be playing a big part in my life this coming year!

  1. Be proactive and hire a dietitian to help you with balanced meal plans for the year!  Don’t neglect your food groups for supplements or dieting, you deserve a delicious, healthy balanced food intake, all year round!
  2. The city or town you live in has a lot to offer that you!  Find new locations where you can EXPERIENCE the culture of your city!  [shops, restaurants, museums, historic sites, sports teams]
  3. Lessen your overindulging–> instead of five make it two… [drinks, smokes, purchases, desserts portions]
  4. Tone down the swears–> You think they’re powerfully cool- but they’re not
  5. Join a class: [Spinning, Hot Yoga, Zumba, Kick Boxing] –> with a friend or lover
  6. Don’t take yourself too seriously, no one is that cool, we’re all dorky in some way or another
  7. Make a financial goal for each week
  8. Relationships are treasures, take care and guard them with your heart <3
  9. Whether you have a large house, mini apartment, or a shared bedroom with a sibling… organize/clean something to death- and keep it up for the year!
  10. Avoid talking big–>Actions speak louder than words
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