Lennard Taylor

Winnipeg artist Lennard Taylor is known for his abstract and diverse artwork but what caught my eye was his custom tailored clothing line.  After interviewing Lennard, I can genuinely say I admire his honest and unique approach to his art.  The man definitely knows what he is talking about and is not afraid to step outside the box.  Check out the the talented Winnipeg artist’s answers below…

Where do your collections and artwork draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from drawing naked people, detailing their facial expressions and then deciding what that person might like to wear.

Do you notice a significant difference in Canadian clientele versus any other country? What makes a Canadian shopper stand out?
Hmmm not sure, perhaps they are cheaper… a Winnipeg shopper first looks at price rather than garment.

Do you prefer designing men or women’s clothing?
I like either or, women is a little more fun because you can do more, however I like pushing the boundaries on boring menswear.

Does the Lennard Taylor line have a market niche in the Canadian fashion industry?
I wouldn’t say it has a defined market niche yet.   I’m just one man and I worry too much on my product to be really making a mark on the industry…I need to work on that!

Do you have a classic piece, that reoccurs in each season?
I do have a classic piece; it’s my double Zip jackets, they will always be in my collection…lovesss them :)

*When you were young, was there a particular piece of clothing or accessory you wore all the time?*
Can’t say any particular piece of clothing stands out in my mind, perhaps it was denim jeans. :)

Check out  the Lennard Taylor collection online, it’s not too late for some Christmas shopping!

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