Local Advancers: Peter Takis

Winnipeg high school student and entrepreneur Peter Takis is taking the city by storm with his urban streetwear company, Local Advancers.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the extremely personable Peter Takis.  I’m very impressed by this talented, and determined Winnipegger, and he’s so young! Watch out Canada- this guy’s going to rock our world.

Describe the style Local Advancers clothing has in one sentence:
Our style is classic, simple and wearable.

What does a Local Advancers collection contain?
T-shirts, pullovers, crewnecks. We’ve even released caps and tanks in summer!

Where can people buy Local Advancers from?
Our webstore is fast and easy to order from, we also will be selling some product out of The Urban Bakery.

Who creates the graphics for your line?
Various graphic designers are involved in the final piece;  However, I think up our initial design concepts.

How does Winnipeg influence Local Advancers Style?
Winnipeg is huge for us; the extreme weather influences the garments over style.

Is there a spot in Winnipeg that inspires you to be creative?
Vantage Studios in the Exchange District. I have constant meetings there with my mentor, Stephen Hua.

How do you balance high school and running a business?
I don’t lol. I sleep less, work harder. It’s simply complex I guess :P.

What was your worst experience as an owner of Local Advancers and how did you recover from it?

Dealing with online hate used to kill me. When someone threw a virtual punch I used to almost tear up. I smile a lot more and my skin has gotten really thick.

What are your top three goals for Local Advancers?
1. Have loyal fans   2. Grow every single day   3. Enjoy what I do

*When you were young, was there any particular accessory or clothing item you wore ALL the time?*

My lucky Christmas sweaters. So cheesy, but so lucky!

Unsure of what to get your guy for Christmas?  Check out Local Advancers for some original Winnipeg apparel!

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