It’s COMING… a guaranteed “bookmark” website on all trendy computer screens across the Canada.  A.D.F.M.  is aimed to all online Canadians who are interested in upcoming and current art, design, fashion, and music.  The official launch day is October 14th at midnight!  If you’re located in the Vancouver area then be sure to attend the official ADFM launch party and purchase your 15$ ticket online.  The party is featuring:  DJs Flipout + Physik & Stimulant J + Hoopsta, at Joseph Richards nightclub, and sponsored by ION Magazine, Boxfresh, Cheap Monday, Clae, Hudson, Lifetime Collective and Radii.

Check out the official press release below to find out a little bit more about ADFM!

Forget earth, wind, water and fire; Art, Design, Fashion and Music are the elements that are consumed and embraced in our everyday lives. Launching this fall, online lifestyle boutique, A.D.F.M gives the world an opportunity to explore all facets of Art, Design, Fashion and Music at its one-stop shop, http://www.theadfmstore.com.

A.D.F.M curates collections of goods from clothing and accessories to home décor, art, music and more, appreciating the passion of the creative, and celebrating the personal voice of every unique individual.

“A.D.F.M is based on the fact that these elements of art, design, fashion and music, in addition to their relation to every aspect of our lives, are all intertwined with each other”, says Founder, Michelle Wong, on how she cultivated her idea for A.D.F.M.

“I personally prefer shopping online, as a lot of the brands I look for are unavailable in stores in Canada. I saw a void to be filled and I wanted to provide a service where it only takes one click to shop with ease and find something to add to your wardrobe, home and walls and as well as a place to discover new artists”.

A.D.F.M creates a modern lifestyle, consisting of items chosen in appreciation for their substance and creative value, specializing in select brands such as Ben Sherman, Bjorn Borg, Dolce Vita, Lifetime Collective, Supremebeing, Generic Surplus, Native, J Shoes, and Hershel to name a few. Michelle herself – ensuring only the best quality pieces with unique style and incredible detail – handpicks every product featured on the online store.

With the vast array of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessory lines as well as design pieces and art, such as books on street artists Banksy and Kaws and exclusive works by Canada’s own the dark, one can find something to add and accent their personal style. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, A.D.F.M has a rare perk: industry-working stylists who will personally help revamp your entire wardrobe or find that perfect piece to make an outfit.

“You can expect blunt honesty from me. I’m here to further peoples style into something spectacular”, says Deanna Palkowski (deannapalkowski.com), one of the sites featured stylists. Palkowski has worked in commercial, runway and editorial from New York to Vancouver to London, and is excited to take her personal shopping background to online clients.

Along with Palkowski is fashion misfit, M’c Kenneth Licon (littlefashionisto.com) and fashion blogger, Ivy Xu (ivy-pinkspider.blogspot.com) who have over 13,500 fans combined on Lookbook.nu, the largest online community dedicated to showcasing street style photography and bringing together creative, interesting, and open-minded fashion enthusiasts.

A.D.F.M is also a community for musical and visual artists to interact, form collaborations, share their creations and much more. This unique combination of inspiration, creation and community is what sets A.D.F.M apart from all others, collectively allowing its supporters and members to inhale inspiration and exhale creation.

Launching on October 14, 2011 at midnight, A.D.F.M is a premier online modern lifestyle boutique, providing an outlet for everything from the most unique art pieces and fashionable clothing, to undiscovered talent, and visually stimulating art pieces.

A.D.F.M. – Art. Design. Fashion. Music

Diversity at its finest.

Check out all the A.D.F.M. hype at the following links:

www.thedfmstore.com | @theadfmstore | facebook.com/theadfmstore | theadfmstore.tumblr.com

Ta ta for now!

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