Vogue Best Dressed: April 25th, 2011

Sienna Miller always looks amazing-  I have a major fashion-crush on her.  Could it be the fact that this fashion icon dresses and styles herself?  Most definitely!  Being your own stylist and being successful at it is a rare trait to have in Hollywood, especially when celebrities have amazing resources such as  stylist Rachel Zoe.  Sienna always seems to know how to pull an outfit together perfectly, and of course how to start a trend all on her own!   In this particular picture, Sienna’s ‘look’ isn’t exactly ground breaking, or trend-setting, but it definitely is up-to-date and fresh.  Perhaps the best part is that this look is easy for us Winnipeg gals to copy!  Sienna (seen below) dawned one of her own brand dresses Twenty8Twelve and this shot was snapped while she was leaving the Theatre Royal Haymarket after starring in a theatrical performance of Terrance Rattigan’s, Flare Path.  Once again on J.Lofthouse, we have spotted Sienna sporting her favourite designer shoes Rag & Bones. Be sure to check out the rest of this week’s best dressed candidates on vogue.com.

Ta ta for now!

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