The Maxi Skirt.

The maxi-skirt isn’t just for the “bo-ho” girls anymore, this fashion statement has been seen on countless celebrities, and more importantly on the fashion runway.  I’ve collected some pictures from all over the internet (by no means did I take any of these pictures).  They give you the jist of what i’m talking about, and a couple of different ways to wear the maxi-skirt.  I used to think that a long skirt should be kept out of your everday-wear and only worn on special occassions- but apparently this is false, a maxi-skirt (or dress) can be worn even while your grocery shopping.   Lets make it a Winnipeg goal to purchase and wear (several times) a maxi-skirt/dress this summer!

College Fashion Blogger “Audrey” from Ohio State University says:

“Maxi skirts are great because they are more versatile than a maxi dress: You can pair them with almost any shirt, blouse, or cami in your closet, plus they are perfect for layering. As a bonus, maxi skirts work for both summer and fall: designers like Richard Chai and Peter Som utilized the long skirt in their fall collections. But just a little warning: this look takes courage — it’s not a trend for the fashionably faint at heart!”

Ta ta for now!

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One thought on “The Maxi Skirt.

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