Exchange Success: Vintage Glory & Paper Dolls

It was another cool and damp afternoon in Winnipeg, but when it came to fashion, the outcome was not so miserable. The chilly weather allowed for many outdoor shoppers to wear their winter clothing. There is irony to be found in Winnipeg Spring shopping. Display windows show off colorful, floral prints in tops and dresses. For locals, these tempting fashions go beyond realism and are somewhat of a distant dream. Our world consists of splashing around in deep, muddy potholes, and all I can picture is how dirty these garments will get in the mucky streets of the Peg. As I sat in Second Cup looking out the window, I noticed how optimistic and determined our city is to make the most out of this Spring weather… by filling the Cafe’s patio. This is despite it being only a high of plus 8 without a spot of sunlight. It appears our attitude reflects the thinking that “if this is as good as it is going to get, we better make the most of it- and treat Spring like the rest of the world does”. I certainly admire how relentless we are to enjoy the season despite the weather- if the rest of the world gets the perks of Spring, so shall we!

Recently, “Paper Doll Clothing” opened a boutique in the Exchange District and I wanted to make a point of going to check out the “shiny new penny” so-to-speak. I was given the chance to meet the amicable owners and pitch to them my future project idea that could involve their store! I must say, their boutique was magical; offering a variety of fanciful, flirty, and feminine fashion pieces that I enjoyed sifting through. The store owners were incredibly accommodating, especially when I described a style of earring I was in search of. See image (below) to view the great choice they picked out for me. feathered earrings. A great drawing point for “Paper Doll Clothing” is their pricing, which is extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend any girls looking for escort, or even grad dresses, to check out “Paper Doll Clothing’s” new stock this season. Also, see the fantastic ring I purchased for Spring!

On the vintage side of things, I made a point of popping into one of my favourite Winnipeg vintage stores “Vintage Glory”; also located in the Exchange District. Success (in the form of purchases) tends to follow me whenever I visit “Vintage Glory”, and today was no exception. I left with a red, Christian Dior cardigan/jacket. In all honesty, at first glance it had no hanger-appeal… even the colour did not appeal to me. However, once I spot a Dior, I have to try it on — and like I said, designer clothing seems to fit magically (or perhaps it is just in my head) but I think it is divine! It was love at first wear. I also picked up an authentic, wool army sweater, made in 1953 and it fits great too!

Ta ta for now!

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