Knitwear Designer: Olena Zylak

One of our very own, Olena Zylak, is a proud Canadian and Award Winning designer who is taking the Canadian fashion world by storm, one knit at a time. Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Olena to talk about some of her accomplishments and to answer a few of my many questions.

Olena’s work has been discovered and worn by noted celebrities (Prince, Juliette Lewis, Natalie Cole, and Olivia Newton-John), but she also takes pride in making her pieces very accessible to the public.  Magazines Lucky, Flare, Elle CanadaChatelaine & Harry have featured Olena’s knitwear.

Each piece from Olena’s collection is carefully handknit from Canada. Zylak comments, “It’s very important to me that everything is made right at home by someone who cares about every detail of the work.  It’s personal.”

And what appropriate fashion pieces to be created by the talented Canadian designer– knitwear to be worn in a country notorious for it’s frosty climate! Olena admits that her favourite fabric to use is mohair (sometimes blended with wool), and for a finishing touch, she usually adds an embellishment such as a pom-pom, ribbon, button or even just adding a twist in the shape of a hat.

One thing about this designer you might not know is that she has a passion for something that isn’t just for knit fashion. She loves to ski! Olena loves to hit the slopes and is able to balance both sporting one of her knit designs while enjoying her favourite sport.

I’d like to offer a big thanks to Olena for taking the time to correspond with me.  Be sure to check out her website.  You might even find her pieces in finer-boutiques scattered across Canada, and the U.S.

My personal favourite of her work below:

Ta ta for now!

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